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The Dps It Offers Ranges Between 82 And 90

The DPS it offers ranges between 82 and 90. According to the level of rarity, the damage it can inflict varies from 110 to 121 points. There is a lot of debate about the power of a rocket launcher and a grenade launcher. However, it all boils down to the damage stats, and a rocket launcher has better stats. A rocket launcher only has one round, whereas a grenade launcher has six rounds. If you have to blast your foe’s buildings to bits and want to do so quickly, then the rocket launcher is the best option.
Chapter Six: Best Places to LootIf you want to gather as many supplies as possible, then you should know the best places to loot. However, how do you know where these locations are? The best loot usually spawns at the regular locations, and these locations don’t change. Most of these locations are present towards the upper part of the island on the map. So, if you can manage to jump off in one of the northern spots, then you can find a decent number of chests to plunder. In this sect…

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